The Courseroom

A Complete Scientology Facility

At The Courseroom, we deliver auditing, C/Sing, training and co-auditing supervision. We do it standardly and we do it for a lot less than you can get it at more "official" locations. We may even be able to handle short-term accommodations while you're with us.

  • Would you like to get moving on the Bridge again? We can handle that.
  • Have you been mishandled elsewhere?
    We can handle that.
  • Have you been subject to injustice, wrong indications, unfair or inhumane treatment?
    We can handle that.
  • Do you have states which were never acknowledged or invalidated? We can handle that.
  • After all your auditing and/or training, do you still have nagging questions? We can handle that.
  • Would you just like a quiet, welcoming space with a caring staff to gather your thoughts? We can handle that.
  • Do you have "new" people you'd like to introduce to Scientology without being asked for endless donations for never-materializing projects? We can handle that.

At The Courseroom, we're here to service you, your family, friends, prospects, and whoever else you'd like to bring with you. We're conveniently located in South Georgia, on the outskirts of Tallahassee, Florida. There's quick access to hotels, restaurants, and shopping facilities. We have a highly trained staff of professionals who operate in a quiet, high-theta environment.

Feel free to browse our website and contact us. We're hoping to see you soon. Meantime, Flourish and Prosper!